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Del Webb Mirehaven Neighborhood Association

Discover the charm and allure of Del Webb Mirehaven, an exclusive 55+ active adult community nestled in the heart of Albuquerque, New Mexico.  As you step into this remarkable neighborhood, you’ll find a haven where like-minded homeowners and residents come together in unity, striving to enhance and uphold the exceptional quality of life within our community.

At the heart of this thriving neighborhood is the Del Webb Mirehaven Neighborhood Association (DWMNA), a voluntary organization that embodies the spirit of togetherness.  The dedicated members work hand in hand to make a positive impact on the surroundings, creating an atmosphere of warmth and belonging for all who call Mirehaven home.


General Information:

Interest and Nomination Form for Board of Directors

Individual Membership

Board of Directors

At Del Webb Mirehaven, the Neighborhood Association (DWMNA) flourishes under an all-volunteer Board of Directors, each serving a two-year term with staggered elections during the General Membership Annual Meeting, ensuring seamless continuity and democratic representation for every resident.


The Del Webb Mirehaven Neighborhood Association (DWMNA) exclusively welcomes adult residents of the community, offering two types of memberships:  Resident and Business.  Membership remains optional and can be initiated by completing a membership form, valid until you choose otherwise or relocate from the neighborhood.  Voting privileges in member meetings are reserved for DWMNA members, while membership dues are not obligatory, and the association appreciates any voluntary donations of $10 per year per resident or business to support its endeavors.


The DWMNA membership convenes annually for a significant gathering at the much-awaited Annual Meeting in March, and a second noteworthy General Meeting in September.

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